Finance Strategy a supporto del rating

OTA’s Finance Strategy services - which are also provided jointly with its partners - allow companies to independently oversee and improve their rating. This is achieved by strengthening their planning, management and control systems, introducing suitable information systems, and fostering disclosure processes towards their financial counterparties.

In the area of corporate asset assessment and management, our team can help you through our dedicated projects.

In the area of Finance Strategy, our team can help you with the following services

  • 1

    Rating advisory

    - Rating analysis

    - Rating-oriented business plans

    - Risk governance models

  • 2


    - Drafting of financial disclosure documents

  • 3

    ESG sustainability

    - Taxonomy alignment

    - ESG Rating

    - Implementation of sustainability and governance systems

    - Supply chain management

Rating advisory

OTA, either directly or through its network, provides companies with assistance and consulting activities for the preparation, certification, analysis and assessment of data and information necessary for correct rating assignment.

Economic and financial due diligence, assessment of business risk components, adequate financial disclosure, and the introduction of monitoring and tutoring when implementing business plans, are the operational phases of our rating advisory service.

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OTA, either directly or through its network, independently supports companies in drafting reliable, meaningful, thorough and timely corporate disclosure.

Disclosure includes documents on which the “stamps of approval” (past and current financial information: backward-looking information) and “stamps of consistency” (disclosure of forward-looking information) issued by duly authorised parties, are affixed.

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ESG sustainability

OTA offers analysis services (“technical screening”) to check compliance with the mandatory technical requirements introduced by EU Regulation 2020/852, and provides support in “taxonomy alignment” processes.

Only technical evaluations that are in line with EU legislation are able to certify the “sustainability” of a business. This brings real benefits to companies, in terms of access to specific (and less costly) financial instruments, tax breaks, and national and local subsidies.

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