Physical-accounting reconciliation of company assets, asset management and systems implementation: our governance services broaden OTA’s strictly technical approach towards far-reaching areas of consultancy, while maintaining a pragmatic operational approach.

This allows us to share and transfer our expertise with and to corporate staff, to cooperate with their trusted consultants, and create the conditions for the effective growth of integrated skills, to the advantage of corporate business.

In the area of corporate asset assessment and management, our team can help you with the following services

  • 1

    Asset management

    - Inventories

    - Assets reconciliation

    - Implementation of asset management systems/ISO 55001.

  • 2

    Governance process efficiency

    - Optimisation of business processes and procedures

    - Checks in accordance with the law, cyber & data protection.

Asset management

Correct asset management ensures proper bookkeeping, the evaluation of production costs and the correct assessment of taxes.

OTA offers asset inventory and asset book reconciliation services. It also conducts appraisals of market values and probable remaining useful life, for the correct calculation of amortisation rates.

In addition, OTA offers support to companies wishing to implement an ongoing asset management system in compliance with ISO 55001 international standard.

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Governance process efficiency

OTA, either directly or through its network, helps companies make their processes more efficient. It optimises their procedures, checking that they comply with specific laws or technical standards.

This activity is carried out by experienced professionals with expertise in studying the specific features and requirements of each sector, who are able to address each single topic from an “integrated compliance” perspective.

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